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Sunday, June 29, 2008

The Big House

Today I put both nucs in a brood box.

I took the nuc box and put it in the trusty, rusty wheelbarrow and then put a screened bottom board on the cinderblocks where the nuc was sitting and an empty brood box and then started transferring frames from the nuc to their new home. Only took a couple of minutes - didn't want them to get discomboblicated - so I didn't even look for the queen.

Then the inner cover and an empty brood box on top of the regular brood box - I took a quart jar filled with sugar water, turned it upside down on a saucer with a couple of toothpicks under the rim of the jar for a light flow of sugar water and put this inside the empty brood box on top of the inner cover. Then the top on the brood box and we're good to go. Hopefully this will eliminate robbing from the other hives and the girls can get busier. They are bringing in pollen - it's awfully dry and hoping for a thunderstorm this afternoon. We sure need some rain.

My camera is out of commission so no photos today - hopefully tomorrow. Yuk!