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Sunday, May 4, 2008

A Swarm or A Hive

My next door neighbor thought she had a swarm of bees. She said they always came back about the same time each year and always went to the same place. She's seen them for several years. And she has seen one swarm and had taken a photo - last year I think.

Well, it could be a swarm except after looking and checking - it seems she has a hive of bees inside her house. Now she has checked in the attic several times and no bees so they're somewhere between the bricks and the attic wall.

This is a large hive of bees, lots and lots of bees. In checking in the late afternoon and early morning, you can see where they're going in and out. There's a small crack between the brickwork and it looks like they have a route all set up. They seem pretty happy up there. Even had Steve, the neighbor beekeeper, come over and take a look. We really thought it was a swarm and he'd get a free hive - that's what you want - free. But this one isn't free and wouldn't be easy - whew! Don't know what she'll do - getting bees out of a house can be really, really expensive.

So, if you see this on the side of your house - it could be a swarm (that's what you'd hope for) and a beekeeper would come right over to pick those girls up or it could be a hive and now you have a dilemma. I'll keep you posted.

Oh and if they swarm, you can believe I'll be right over.