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Saturday, May 17, 2008

Chicken Tour ITB

Hen-Side The Beltline Tour D'Coop

A fun time - I want some chickens and this was the perfect opportunity to look and see how other folks take care of their feathered friends - family pets (I should say). Some of these fowl live the life - eat, drink, dig around in the dirt and lay an egg - you don't even have to do that every day - every other would be okay. There were 20 coops to visit - it's usually the Sat after Mother's Day.

When your coop matches your house - well, what can I say! These folks were so nice. And they had banana trees which overwinter - it's always interesting to see what's planted in the neighborhood.

This was quite a set up too. They have children, dogs and a cat (maybe more than one) and chickens. They said the chickens act just like dogs. They were very user friendly. And they want bees too! So hopefully I'll see them again.

This was made from salvaged materials. Right up my alley.

Okay so another project - do I need chickens? Are you kidding? Do I want some - yes!

Oh, almost forgot, the first house had Krispy Kreme doughnuts - YUM!