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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

My Bee Yard

These are recent photos of my bee hives (4/12/08).

This is Hive #6 on the left and Hive #4 on the right.

This is Hive #1 with the duct tape around the back!

I added empty supers to all three hives on the 12th and will open again this weekend to see what's happening and maybe add a brood box to #4 or do a split. I've never done a split so I'll ask for some help.

I numbered my hives and make notes and drawings every time I open any of the hives. There's an old plastic table behind my hives and I take a pad and pencil and make notes while I'm out there cause by the time I get back to the house (and it's not that far), I can't remember what I did to which hive.

We're having beautiful weather today - sunny and warm.