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Sunday, April 9, 2017

You know . . . .

Well occasionally I have been known to rant and rave about stuff so today I'm on my soapbox about YOU KNOWYou know you must say it at least a thousand times a day - my grandchildren will grow up thinking you know is an established part of our language - not so, my little kiddies!
I listen to talk radio and the guy on one of my favorite programs (no longer the case) must say you know every fifth or sixth word out of his mouth.  Not only is he on the radio and should try a little more to sound like he has some sense but honestly does he never listen to his broadcasts.  Trump and his family (just an observation) never say you know.  Their speaking abilities are excellent so if the President and his family can do it so should everyone else. 
You know can be included in the so-called discourse particles, that is those linguistic units of spoken language which have no real meaning, their function being merely a pragmatic one. You know is also sometimes used to allow us time to think when we are speaking.  As people develop a speech pattern over time -- and unless they make a concentrated effort to avoid them -- the filler words become normal, to the point that they do not even know they are using them. 
I'll admit I repeat myself (I know I do and I'll blame it on old age) but I'm really trying to stop saying the dreaded term.  Now go forth my friends and listen to yourself and stop saying YOU KNOW!