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Friday, January 22, 2016

Sleet, Snow and Sewing

Well it's a mess outside this morning.  Snow and sleet - it's a stay at home event for sure.  The weather folks have  been talking about this for a long time.  Just a side note here - sometimes I watch Greg Fishel and I fall asleep every time he starts doing the weather - all those lines and charts just does me in.  Just say it and let's get on with the program.
Anyhow my plan is to sew today so I moved my Featherweight to the living room.  I bought this little sewing machine and table from some folks near Winston Salem off Craigslist many years ago.  Not only was the price great but both the table and machine were in excellent condition and it has the original case, all kinds of attachments, and instruction book.  Singer made these machines and they are workhorses.  Mine was made in 1947 and still sews like a dream.  Great machine to take on trips and to use in classes.  One of the best buys I've made on Craigslist.
So stay inside today and be safe.

Saturday, January 16, 2016

A Cardboard Path

I have a plan - it starts with cardboard and hopefully will end up being a nice walkway/path to the garden from the chicken coop or vice versa.  This is the way I walk every time I go to the garden so I thought a "real path" might be appropriate.  The cardboard will (should) kill the weeds and we'll go from there.

My raised beds are just a disaster!  Nothing but weeds and more weeds.  So the other day when it was so nice (I think last Wednesday) I dug around a little.  Our weather has been unpredictable so when a nice day comes along and I'm home . . . . well, I need to be doing something here.
The Triplets

Friday, January 1, 2016

Happy New Year

Vivian and one of the Triplets

Grammy and Vivian