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Friday, April 11, 2014

1st Swarm 2014

1st Swarm of Season April 9, 2014
I thought the Queen was in the Nuc Box late Wednesday  evening and I put some sugar syrup out as an extra incentive to make this their new home.

Bees that I didn't get in the Nuc Box.

Thursday morning - the queen did not go in the Nuc Box yesterday!

They moved over to the bench about lunch time Thursday.
So after thinking on Wednesday evening that I had the Queen in the Nuc Box found out Thursday morning that was not the case.  It was more difficult than I thought getting the queen from between the slats on the picket fence.  She must have been in the middle somewhere.  Anyhow they moved around lunch time to the bench (thank goodness and how lucky was that for me).  Sprayed them with a little sugar syrup and put the Nuc Box under the bench and just brushed them in.  Nice swarm and hope they stay in their new home.
Nuc #2 in their new home Friday morning.