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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Chicken House Day 2


Day 2 - finished the back of the hen house with pieces of siding.  Left the top open with wire for ventilation. 

Lily was helpful again today.
The lattice at the front of the hen house will have chicken wire attached.  When it gets cold, I'll put plastic on the outside.  Not sure about the door but have another piece of lattice that fits so it'll work for now and I just prop it shut.
It did take longer than I thought to get that plexiglass glued (Gorilla Glue) and I used foam strip insulation to make it work against the wood.

Now that's about all I did on Day 2.  It took awhile to cut all the pieces for the back and front and I'm not the greatest with a skill saw but I'm still in one piece so that says a lot!
More tomorrow . . . .