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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Beeyard April 2013

Yesterday I was gonna do a quick check on the New Hive and the nuc that I made on 4/7.  I ended up checking all the hives.  The nuc is gone - they never made a queen. 
New Hive - reversed brood box and super and put 4 frames from Nuc #3 in this hive.
Nuc #3 - put 4 empty frames in the brood box - did not reverse the boxes - it will have to wait till I have some help.  That brood box is so full of bees, brood and honey - I couldn't take it off by myself.  But they looked healthy and working with lots of bees in the hive.  The 4 empty frames will give them room to work.
Hive #4 - I had added a super on 4/7/13 but took it off - they were not working in this super.  They still had some room in the top super and I'll add a super in a couple of weeks if needed.
Hive #6 - I did add a super to this hive - I had added a brood box on 4/7 and it was full.  The strongest hive.
This has been a strange spring - the weather has been so different than last year.

Nuc #3
I did mow the grass - the bees were trying to get their houses straightened out again so they weren't interested in the grass mowing.
And I don't take the entrance reducers off in the spring/summer.  That's a big space for them to protect from robbers and predators.