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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

December Check

Today Mr. Ellis and Jess came over to do a winter check up and socialize a little.  The bottom brood box was removed from Hive #6, Nuc #3, Nuc #1 and Swarm Hive.  There was very little if any honey in the bottom brood boxes.  So top brood box was put on the bottom and the super was put back on the hive.  Lots of honey in brood boxes and supers.  Hive #4 - left everything like it was - will check all hives again in Dec. weather permitting.
On the swarm hive, the bees made rows/columns not sure what to call them (it looks like worms) in the space between the brood boxes.  I don't remember where I got this brood box from but it's not quite right.  Mr. Ellis will cut off some of the bottom to make it the right height.  Took an empty brood box and just moved everybody over for a good fit.

Good day to check bees - we're having warm weather right now.
I'll leave the brood boxes out for a day or two then stack them for the winter.