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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Honey Extracting

Friday I took off 36 frames of full honey - I ended up with about
1-1/2 5-gallon buckets of honey.
I did the old take one frame out and put in an empty super that was in the wheelbarrow. Then cover it quickly with a sheet so the bees would stay out. Then push that wheelbarrow up to the house and unload the super. I can carry about 3 frames of honey - that stuff is heavy. But this works for me and I've done it the same way for years. Cover the table and floor with plastic and get busy!
After the honey is taken from the frames, I put the supers out in the beeyard - there's a feeding frenzy. This year I put sawhorses out and sat the empty supers on top rather than on the ground. It's worked really well - the bees can go in and out and all around.
This is where I took the honey:
Nuc #2 - took off 1 full super of honey
Swarm '09 - took off 1 full super of honey
Nuc #1 - took off 1 full super of honey
Hive #4 and Hive #5 - I took 4 full frames of honey from each of these hives.
I must have left two frames somewhere and maybe I put those back or switched something around cause the extractor can hold 9 frames and I filled it up 4 times. Oh well . . . some things are unexplainable.