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Friday, May 7, 2010

Adding Supers

Yesterday morning, Mr. Ellis and I checked my hives again and we started about 9 since it has gotten hot again.
It's been just a couple of weeks since we added supers but this is their busy time.
This is a frame from Nuc #3 - lots of brood but they still had lots of space in the hive.

This is Mr. Ellis with a frame from Hive #4 - we took the top super which was already full of honey and put it in an empty super on Nuc #3 (this way we could get all the bees off before putting it on the nuc).
This will give the bees plenty of food when times get a little tough later and I won't have to feed them.

Hive #4 - this hive had filled a super that we put on 4/22/10, so another empty super was added today.
Nuc #1 - no change in this hive. They look good and lots of bees but they have not filled out their brood box. They need to fill out the space they have and I'll check in a couple of weeks and add a super if needed.
Nuc #2 - added an empty super.
Swarm '09 - will add an empty super this weekend (didn't have enough supers ready).
So all the hives looked really good, lots of bees and brood and they're bringing in pollen and working hard. I could have taken honey today - maybe 4-5 supers but I just wasn't ready.
But I'm running out of supers - gotta do it pretty soon.