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Friday, April 23, 2010

Earth Day and A Queen Bee

Yesterday Mr. Ellis and I opened my hives. In the new Nuc #3, we saw the queen. There's been activity (bees going in and out of the hive bringing in pollen) so I felt good about the nuc but to actually see the queen - well, it was great. So next week, I'll put this nuc in a brood box. They are doing great. This nuc was made on 4/7/10 with a frame with queen cells from Hive #4.

Added another super to Hive #4 - will definitely have lots of honey from this hive. No change to Nuc #1 and Nuc #2. On Swarm '09 Hive, we moved the brood box down one and turned the top two supers around - they were working on one side and had room on the other, so a little switch to get them to fill up the empty side. No rhyme or reason as to why they're doing this but they look fine and have lots and lots of bees.

Mr. Ellis said if bees are bringing in pollen, you have a queen. So I should have a queen in each hive - all the hives have bees bringing in pollen.

This is Nuc #3 and Hive #4. Hive #4 now has two brood boxes and four supers. I'll have to take some honey from this hive before any more supers are put on.