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Friday, May 22, 2009

Garden Fence

I really thought I was done but I added two more beds to the garden space. So I had to move the fence which was not as difficult as I thought it would be - I have lots of space now. Sometimes my plans change after I'm finished or thought I was finished.
Tomatoes, onions, peppers, squash and cucumbers are planted and the strawberry plants.
I usually just have a couple of tomato plants but this year I have the time to devote to a garden. Although it looks easy and should be easy, it's like everything else - it takes a little work.

This is a tray of yellow crookneck squash and cucumbers (Burpee Seeds). They're the $1.oo seed cups that have lots of seedlings - I put them in a tray and what do you know - they all lived. So now I'll have plenty of cukes and squash and I got some zucchini too.