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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Compost Bin - Free

I've been planning on making a compost bin for quite some time, years actually. You know how you say you're gonna do something and it never happens. Well, I've done it and the cheapest or I should say the least expensive way possible.

Four pallets from a business down the street from the office - stopped and asked and I got 4 free and help loading them in the Jeep. Now that's nice!

The lattice I already had and didn't have any plans to use so that made the back. Three pieces - one extra large and two short but it worked out just right.

I have a little more to do - stapling wire on the back and sides (I have some left over from something) and a board in the front of each bin - have some of those laying around too. Then I can get started . . . .

Can you see her ball - it got stuck or dropped in between the boards.
Lily was a really big help!